Camp KidsTown Inc. ("CKT") is committed to providing excellence and accessibility in its camp programming to campers. Services are provided in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of campers, staff, families and guests. Persons with exceptionalities are welcomed, included and supported at the camp and the camp endeavours to meet the special needs of such individuals to the best of its abilities. The provision of services to persons with exceptionalities is integrated wherever possible. The camp promotes equity of opportunity to those with exceptionalities and provides support systems when necessary and where reasonably possible, to facilitate equal access to obtain, use or benefit from the goods and services offered by and on behalf of CKT.

In order to maintain the integrity of our inclusion program, and to ensure the safety of all participants at camp, it is necessary to put limits on how many campers with exceptionalities can be enrolled and to outline the nature of the program and the physical facilities.

How we determine whether CKT is suitable for your exceptional child:

1. A CKT director will have an initial conversation with the parent(s)/ guardian(s) to discuss the camper's specific needs and to provide a detailed outline of the camp program and opportunities for accommodation.

2. If, following the initial conversation, it appears that CKT may be an appropriate fit for the potential camper, the next step is to have a meeting that includes the CKT Director(s) with the family and, as appropriate, the potential camper to further assess whether CKT is an appropriate camp for the child. We reserve the right to make the final decision on whether CKT's program and/or facilities will or will not be appropriate for your child as well as for CKT as a whole.

3. The goal of the Camp is to integrate the camper with exceptionalities as much as possible into the regular camp program. CKT will determine (in partnership with the family) what support systems are required to ensure optimal inclusion into our programs. Such support systems may include one of the following:

a) a determination that the camper requires a 1:1 support staff to be provided by the family. In this situation, the family is required to hire, train and pay the support staff. CKT requires that the support person attend the camp prior to the camper's start at CKT to receive specific training about CKT camp policies and procedures. The training session takes place at CKT's summer camp site. The support staff is required to adhere to CKT policies and direction while at CKT;
b) a determination that an additional staff is not required to meet the needs of the individual camper. In this circumstance, the counsellors and other staff will be informed of the camper's special needs and will be offered specific guidance (if applicable) about how to best meet the needs and abilities of the camper.

Ongoing assessment of situation and feedback between CKT and family

To best meet the needs of campers with exceptionalities, it is essential that CKT and the family work together to ensure the success of the camper in question, such camper's group and the overall camp program. The family's providing accurate information prior to camp is necessary for both parties to be comfortable and properly prepared to support the camper as necessary.
During the course of the camper's time at CKT, it may become apparent that the circumstances are not what either CKT and/or the family expected. Sometimes campers respond differently than anticipated. If this is the case, then the Camp will provide descriptive and ongoing information to the family as the situation is being monitored. The family must recognize however, that the safety and well-being of its camper and everyone at CKT must be the Camp's priority and that changes to the camper's support systems might be required at the discretion of CKT to ensure that the integrity of the Camp program for all participants is maintained in a safe and appropriate manner.

Modifications to the camper's program may be necessary during the child's time at Camp. It may be determined that certain activities may not be suitable for the camper In these circumstances, an alternative activity that can be done in the same location can be made available during that period, but please note that individualized alternative programming is not an option for safety, supervision and/or logistical reasons.

Please note that all campers are expected to adhere to our Code of conduct and progressive discipline policy. CKT reserves the right the make the final decision on whether or not any child in our inclusion policy should remain in the program or not. The decision is based on the safety, well being and enjoyment of ALL campers at staff at CKT.

We look forward to working with families in our community to promote a positive and fulfilling summer day camp experience for every child.