We take safety and supervision very seriously at Camp KidsTown. We monitor every aspect of our program to ensure the highest standards of safety and care while providing campers every opportunity for fun.


Campers are supervised at all times by trained counselors and staff. Our small group sizes allow for lots of individualized attention. Carefully-selected staff, mindful of our commitment to safety, implement our programs. We only hire counselors who are aged 16 and older, who have a valid police reference check and First Aid/CPR training. Every summer our staff goes through a full day of intense training in policies and procedures.

Medication at Camp

For the safety of our campers, we have a strict policy for the handling of medication at camp. If your child will be taking medication while at camp, please be sure to follow the specific procedures listed below.
Please note: Campers will not be admitted to camp if these procedures are not followed.

Only the camp's directors are authorized to give any camper over-the-counter medication
Please refrain from bringing non-essential over-the-counter medication, vitamins and/or supplements to camp. Our staff members need to focus on administering crucial prescription medication only.
Students needing injections (insulin, hormones, etc.) will need to self-administer the medication.
Upon arrival at camp, all medication must be placed in the care of our on-site Director. (Exceptions: Students may hold on to their inhaler and/or Epipen). All medication information MUST be completely entered in your child's Health History form.
All medication brought to camp MUST match what is listed on your child's Health History form.


Our modern, bright and secure facilities meet all health, safety and fire regulation codes. Building security is maintained by allowing admission by buzzer entry only. All visitors must check in with a site director upon entering the building.

Pick-up authorization

Every camper family is required to complete our Pick up authorization form. In this way we can ensure children are only released to individuals on our lists. We require any new individual picking up a camper to show government issued photo identification.

Camper Code of Conduct and Progressive discipline

The safety of each individual in the program is of the utmost importance to CKT. Each registrant must recognize a personal responsibility to learn and follow at all times the safety and other rules established by CKT staff.
It is our commitment to provide a rich and wonderful camping experience for all campers. To assist us in offering the best camp experience we possibly can, please review our camper code of conduct (found in our parent handbook).

Progressive Discipline Measures

Progressive disciplinary measures may result for those who do not follow our behaviour guidelines. These disciplinary measures include, but are not limited to:

  • Camper receives a warning from Program Director that may involve a consequence (eg. quiet time in Director's office).
  • Camper meets with Camp Director and/or parents are called to be advised.
  • Parent is called and must pick up child from camp immediately.
  • Camper is expelled from CKT camps and cannot return.


In complying with the Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA, Jan 1st 2004). Camp KidsTown ("CKT")has developed a privacy policy to guard the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.
This privacy policy applies to personal and health information about Camp KidsTown Campers and their families/guardians.
CKT continues to serve families professionally and is committed to protecting their clients' privacy and the confidentially of their personal information.