Camp KidsTown is committed to creating a safe, nurturing and inclusive learning environment. Campers are inspired through meaningful and enriching experiences in all facets. We aim to provide a positive camp climate where all members of the CKT community - campers and staff - feel physically and emotionally safe, included and accepted. CKT strives to promote responsibility, respect and civil among its participants by encouraging positive behaviour and interactions.

The safety and health of campers is the absolute priority at Camp KidsTown. We monitor every aspect of our programs to ensure the highest standard of safety and care.



Our staff are devoted to creating memories to last a lifetime! With our well-trained, dedicated and spirited team of counsellors, we are committed to giving your child the ultimate camp experience. We strive to develop and enhance our staff’s skills to ensure that your child’s camp experience is positive and rewarding. Extensive staff training is conducted prior the beginning of camp to ensure that our camp counsellors are well equipped for the daily tasks and challenges in a camp environment. All staff are certified in standard First Aid and CPR.


The safety of each individual in the program is of the utmost importance to CKT. Each registrant must recognize a personal responsibility to learn and follow at all times the safety and other rules established by CKT staff.

Camp KidsTown camps Code of Conduct is built around the three following principles:

  • Show respect for the rights, property and safety of others and self.
  • Responsibility for one’s behaviour in order to maintain a safe and positive camp environment.
  • Honouring the rights of individuals by demonstrating appropriate behaviour in the context of social responsibility.

All members of Camp KidsTown Camps community shall:

  • Show respect for the rights, property and safety of themselves and others.
  • Respect and appreciate diversity of all persons regardless of their race, culture, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age and ability.
  • Exhibit behaviour that avoids all forms of intimidation, harassment, racism, and discrimination.
  • Treat CKT’s property and the property of others with a reasonable standard of care.
  • Promote positive behaviour.

It is our commitment to provide a rich and wonderful camping experience for all campers. To assist us in offering the best camp experience we possibly can, please review our camper code of conduct (found in our parent handbook).